Saturday, April 13, 2013

Light up your beauty

These days most of the women leads a very active life.

Possibly, this will lead to having little time to devote to your beauty. So we wanted to give you some recommendations for you to consider.

     Constantly renews makeup products, after a while you should not use them because they expire and become damaged and can produce you allergies. It is also very important that you apply your makeup with clean brushes and sponges.
     Please note the expiry date:

  Mascara: three to four months.

  Blush: two years.

  Base: twelve to eighteen months.

  Lip: two years.

  Shadows: two years.

  Liner: two years.

  Nail polish: twelve months.

     To find out which concealer or foundation is best suited for your skin color, apply it to the inside of the wrist, as it is the most protected area of the sun and its tone is very similar to your face.
     Styling Your Face, buying two flushes, one darker than the other. Apply the lighter blush in a circular motion on top of the cheeks. Then apply the darker shade, following the line of your cheekbones and ends with a light touch with the lighter shade on the nose and forehead.You will look spectacular!
     The eyebrows are responsible to frame your face, so you must define them. If they are off, you can comb with clear mascara.
     To make the whites of your eyes look even cleaner, brighter, use a lip liner or a blue shadow on the lower eyelids, you will achieve the same effect with both.
     If you keep your nail polish in the fridge, it will always be smooth and easy to apply, as well, will last longer.